LF Performance

LF Performance

LF Performance Products (LFP) is a Perth based Performance Workshop owned by Kim Ledger, specialising in design and fabrication of all racecar components. From rollover protection, alloy radiators, intercoolers, fuel tanks, surge, purge and catch cans to building and tuning of race engines.

The LFP team boasts over 40 years of trade and race experience crafted from study and research both locally and internationally. It is this knowledge base that has provided LFP with the edge, earning themselves a reputation of being the premier race car fabrication and preparation company in Western Australia. In addition, LFP can offer the complete package including race preparation and delivery to various events.

The LFP staff consists of technicians with intimate knowledge of manufacturer products such as Mercedes, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Holden, Ford, and Nissan.

LF Performances’ engineering people have had years of engine and gearbox experience from standard or modified manufacturers to specialised race engine, tuning and transmissions.

LFP’s engineering encompasses an ability to produce, modify and create vehicles of a high calibre. Synonymous with this is an ability to then demonstrate the potential of this performance work on the race- track. The LFP team have been actively involved in Speedway, Circuit Racing and Rallying for many decades and their in house race-cars can be seen leading the way at many WA Road and Track events, Hill Climbs, Rallies and likewise our customer’s cars enjoy similar successes. Previous projects have earned LFP some prestigious titles, including those of National and International recognition.