The Shannons Rallysprint Series is a FIVE-round series for Tarmac Rally cars, with rounds held over the year commencing in November.

2023 Shannons Rallysprint Series dates:
Round 1 – 2nd November 2023
Round 2 – 14th December 2023
Round 3 – 11th January 2024
Round 4 – 22nd February 2024
Round 5 – 14th March 2024

Mid-Year Sprint – 28th July 2024

To enter, all you need is a car that meets all the required safety standards for brakes, tyres and seat belts and has a Fire Extinguisher fitted.
The Driver and Co-Driver will obviously need helmets and a minimum of neck to wrist to ankle non-flammable clothing and fully enclosed shoes (although higher standards, including driving suits and frontal head restraints, are strongly recommended). A minimum of a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence is required for both Driver and Co-Driver.  See the Supp Regs on the Official Noticeboard page for more information.

At only $235 per entry, it is a great motorsport value with four runs over the 3.25 km Special Stage. Held mid-week on a Thursday night, it does not eat into your valuable weekend time.

The Shannons Rallysprint Series is designed to cater for drivers with a wide range of skills and experience, from novices to those preparing for the WA’s premier tarmac event.

Drivers and Co-Driver have their acceleration, braking, handling and teamwork skills tested as they navigate their way around the track against the clock.

For further information on the Shannons Rallysprint Series, email info@targawest.com.au

Spectating is FREE!!

With ample parking, access to the pit area and several different locations to view the action from, the fact that Spectators have FREE entry to the Motorplex is a bonus.

There are many vantage points for Spectating; for further details, see our Spectator information here.

The Shannons Rallysprints are SMOKE FREE EVENTS


The Shannons Rallysprint Series is a series of 6 Rallysprints held over the summer months.

A Rallysprint, as defined by Motorsport Australia, is for a Driver and Co-Driver competing in a Tarmac or Gravel Rally Car.

Cars compete against the clock at 20-second intervals over an approx 3.5km on the same course based at the Perth Motorplex.  An ample opportunity is provided to perform a reconnaissance lap before doing four timed runs.

The event is open to Drivers with a minimum of a Motorsport Australia Speed licence. All cars must meet minimum safety standards and are required to undertake pre-event scrutiny. Whilst a ‘roll cage’ and ‘harnesses’ are not mandatory, they are very strongly recommended.

On the Official Noticeboard page is further information, including the Supplementary Regulations.  We encourage any prospective competitors to get in touch with us if they have any queries.

Entry is limited, so don’t delay, get your Entry Form completed online now.

Shannons Rallysprint Course Map:

2023 Shannons Targa Rallysprint Maps CLOCKWISE
2023 Shannons Targa Rallysprint Maps ANTI-CLOCKWISE
Image: CMR Photographic



Image: CMR Photographic

The Motorplex has ample parking, and entry is free.

The pit area is open for spectators to mingle with the competitors and get up close and personal with the cars and crews. There are also Coffee and Food vans available.

There are several fantastic locations to watch the rally action, including the bridge at the top of the Drag Strip or over near the Main Motorplex Entrance, affectionately known as the “keyhole”, or even the start or finish area.

The action starts at 6 pm and is normally wrapped up by 9.00 pm.

The only thing we do ask is that Spectators park in the Eastern lane of the pits to allow the other areas to be utilised by competitors and their service crews.

Below is a Map of the Shannons Rallysprint stages.

Image: CMR Photographic

This a reminder that MOTORSPORT IS DANGEROUS.  As Safety is our number one priority, there are some safety instructions that we’d like you to be aware of; please take the time to have a quick read through the Spectator Safety guidelines here so that you are able to make the most of your motorsport experience.

Spectator Safety TW


If you would like to assist at the Shannons Rallysprint Series, we would love to hear from you. You’ll be joining a team of officials in a variety of roles, including Scrutineering, Timing, Safety on Stage, Chicanes, Start Control, and Event Admin, all of which are vital to the running of a safe event.

If you have experience, great, but don’t worry if you don’t, as we provide training and can team you up with other officials. Get closer to the action!

We have a fantastic new online registration system for Officials and Competitors, the Tarmac West Online (TWO) system, which will significantly improve coordination and provide our Officials with information.

CLICK on the PINK VIDEO TUTORIALS BUTTON above for Instruction / Help Videos which will help make your transition to the new TWO system easier.

Note: Please use one of the approved browsers listed below when using the Tarmac West Online (“TWO“) database. TWO has been designed for desktop use. While it will operate on a mobile device, some functions may not work as expected. To ensure you can complete all of your registration/entry a desktop or laptop should be used.

Desktop browsers Mobile browsers
Safari 13.x minimum Mobile Safari on iOS 13 minimum
Chrome 80 minimum Chrome 80 minimum on Android 7.x minimum
Microsoft Edge 44
New Microsoft Edge 80
Image: CMR Photographic


Events like the Shannons Rallysprint Series would not be possible without the valued support from a wide range of sponsors.

With this in mind, we are extremely proud and grateful for the committed and ongoing support we enjoy from our sponsors, all of whom share our enthusiasm for the ongoing growth and development of the event in Perth.

If you would like to be associated with the Shannons Rallysprint Series and wish to discuss available sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with us at admin@targawest.com.au

The Shannons Rallysprint Series receives valuable support from the following organisations. We encourage all our Competitors, Officials, Service Crews and Spectators to support those that support us.